It is a purely residential project with provisions of its own commercial and communal facilities at minimal level. The location of the project is just at the doorstep of Metro Bus Station 25, thus have the access from public and personal transport running along Ferozepur Road, the main artery of Lahore City.

The plot has been designed to accommodate four building blocks on four sides and a central open courtyard for parking of vehicles. Single and double bed apartments are placed on each level of the building blocks. Studio apartments may also be placed at ground level as it is demanded during the marketing time.

Every Two blocks are connected with one another by means of common stairs. These stairs provide multi-level approach to same building and from same to another building without blocking. In this way all the building block are accessible from rest of all and from every floor level. This attachment pattern of buildings is also an excellent way out in case of fire and other emergency hazards.

Plot being square in nature has only one approach road and two emergency exits on other two small roads attaching one at side and one at back of the plot. One entry to the complex will provide a high level of security for the users.

The Project Is Surrounded By Thickly Populated Area Having Available Network Of All The Basic Services Like, Gas, Electricity And Sewerage System. However, water supply system will be developed its own as per demand of the project. Thus, this project all the connections will be available for all users at possession time. With such a scenario everyone will enjoy his happy living in Supreme Apartments.

The Project is adjacent to DHA Phase-5 and Ring Road, Nawaz Sharif Interchange.

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