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Why You Should Buy Property In Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. The 2017 Population and Housing census revealed that the population of Islamabad has doubled since the last census in 1990. The city has always been an attraction for real estate investors but suddenly people are buying property to move there actually. Especially overseas Pakistanis, looking to settle back in Pakistan after spending their lives abroad, are interested in Islamabad. So what makes Islamabad so unique and lucrative for real estate investors?

International Standard Infrastructure in Islamabad

The city of expats has the superior infrastructure in the whole country. The credit goes to its timely upgrades. The city is ready before the need arises. Currently, constructional work is going on to build new Islamabad airport, Kashmir Highway, Signal-free Corridor, and Margalla Avenue. These facilities, once completed, are bound to increase the value of land and property of nearby areas. Also, the proactive approach in the infrastructural development of Islamabad is appreciated unanimously.

New Societies And Housing Projects Keep Coming In Islamabad

Defence Housing Authority Phase II Extension, Phase III, Phase IV, Phase V, Al Ghurair Giga, Bahria Enclave, Gulberg, Park View City, Bahria Enclave, and many projects in Zone II Islamabad are newly built and have upped the prices of real estate in Islamabad, Pakistan. Islamabad has some new developing areas that have the potential to become big in coming years, especially Zone II and Zone IV.

Booming Shopping And Food Scene Of Islamabad

Islamabad is popular for its discipline. The city sleeps at night and wakes up early morning. A decade ago, you wouldn’t find any decent place open to eat or hang out late night. The scene is gradually changing. Now there are new places to eat and shop in Islamabad. People are adopting the trends of cities like Karachi, which literally never sleeps. We don’t know whether it is a good change for people in Islamabad as they are turning into owls. However, it sure presents new investment opportunities in Pakistan. The commercial zone of Islamabad is booming and growing rapidly. Islamabad’s Centaurus mall gathers hundreds of shoppers on weekdays and the number goes up to thousands on weekends. A few more malls and shopping areas have become the need of Islamabad.

How To Buy Real Estate In Islamabad Pakistan

So far, we have established that Islamabad is the city where investors can spend money blindly. The good news is that Islamabad is growing and expanding in terms of population, infrastructure, property, and business. The city has an appetite for more real estate investors. Ultimately, if you intend to buy property in Pakistan, Islamabad comes at the top for sure.

However, there is a word of caution for overseas Pakistanis gathering information online. The scams and duplicates are rampant especially when searching online for real estate in Pakistan. Authentic platforms like Associate Marketing are rare and hard to find. So you have to figure out a source of information with reliable investment opportunities in Pakistan and stick to it.

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