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Where To Invest In Real Estate In Lahore: A Guide For Overseas Pakistanis

Lahore is the second largest business hub of Pakistan and it has immense property value. Especially, the PML-N government has focused on the development of the city in a special way in its recent tenure. Many other regions were neglected so that Lahore can reach its current status. Of course, politics is a dirty business and we can spend ages discussing whether the government’s approach was appropriate or not.

At the end of the day, Lahore is a transformed city. It has developed beyond expectations. Overseas Pakistanis who are native of Lahore can really tell the difference as they will probably see it after a long time and progress will be more evident to them.

The city has become an ideal spot for investment in terms of real estate. It has grown beyond DHA and Bahria Town. Even smaller and newer projects show the potential of greater ROI in a short span of time. We will discuss a few real estate projects in Lahore that don’t cost a fortune and will be developed and matured before you know it. Here we go;

  • - SAREMCO, Pak Valley
  • - Family Farms
  • - Malmary Homes

SAREMCO, Pak Valley – Real Estate In Lahore

SAREMCO, Pak Valley is valuable because of its location. The neighboring areas are already established. It is located near Faizpur Interchange and Al-Saeed Chowk. The Mall Road and major government institutions can be reached within 10 minutes of drive.

The project is developed with state-of-the-art technology and owned by Pak Developers. It is basically a residential area with facilities like Mini Zoo, Kids Play Area, Swimming Pool and Gym etc.

Family Farms - Real Estate Investment For Overseas Pakistanis

Family Farms is one of its own kinds in Lahore real estate. The project is based on 800 canals or 100 acres of land only. Family Farms, as the name suggests, is entirely based on private farms. It comes with the basic facility of 24/7 surveillance cameras, gated community, street lights, and high-level security.

One can buy constructed farm house or just a land for farmhouse (to maneuver construction as per personal liking). The project provides an exclusive offer to live a life of total peace and serenity.

Malmary Homes –Property In Lahore

Malmary Homes is part of our list because of its location. It is near the airport, DHA phase 5 and ring road. The project is strongly recommended as it has been approved by Cantonment Board Lahore. The model house is absolutely fantastic and deserves a visit for sure.

The entire Malmary Homes consist of 4, 5, and 6 Marla houses (double story) with all the facilities one can expect in a residential society.

How To Buy Property In Lahore

That remains a valid yet complex question. There has been no authentic source in Pakistan which allows genuine online buying of property. However, you can find a ton of investment opportunities in Lahore online. The blogging world and property websites (especially those targeting overseas market) are doing a tremendous job of displaying the true picture of real estate in Pakistan.

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