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Residential, Commercial and Farmhouse Investement Opportunities

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Associates Marketing

Residential, Commercial and Farmhouse Investement Opportunities

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SAREMCO Pak Valley

A Housing Scheme with Futuristic & Innovative Approach

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We offer unparalleled services to our valuable clients (Builders and Developers) to parade their outputs before the hankering consumer market.

Our Services

We developed a highly sound reputation and an outstanding track record of success and who enjoys the honor of establishing the Real-Estate Marketing

Market Research

The Company undertakes market research before the launch of every project, so that the rationale and market needs can be understood before the launch.


For its massive advertising campaigns, Associates Marketing always acquires the services of the most reputed and creative advertising agency of the country.

Public Relations

Associates Marketing not only utilizes its own innovative strategy of real estate marketing, but also focuses on repeat customers (continual investors).

Collateral Support

Being a truly professional and commercial marketing company, Associates Marketing is a customer-oriented firm, relentlessly working towards providing top of the line customer services.

Direct Mail Marketing

Along with all modern marketing techniques, Associates Marketing also uses, the traditional direct mail marketing method to approach potential customers.


A highly trained and objective oriented team of telemarketing staff of Associates Marketing is active to entertain 24/7. The telemarketing team provides complete backup support to the clients.


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